Christophe Grout– sound sculpture, electronics

Line Daenen – alto flute, electronics, voice

Mathilde Viot – art work

Synapses is the meeting of the Belgian flute player Line Daenen and the French artist
Christophe Grout. The band started in 2017 around the work made by Rudy Romanesky and
Christophe Grout on DIY “Baschet” style sound structures. These are made with metal, springs,
strings, and crystal (see pictures).
The duo is incorporating the wild, deep sounds of the structure into the pure tone of the flute to
create a new musical universe inspired by ambient music, instant composition, and free
improvisation (Brian Eno, Lustmord, Joëlle Léandre). They add analogic pedals to the set to create a
hybrid, organic music made of acoustic and electronic sounds. Synapses goes from abysmal to aerial
soundscapes, mixing the diverse personalities and musical backgrounds of the two musicians.
Inspired by “aleatory” cycles that you can find in nature, such as the rhythm of a river or the flow of
the wind, but also more urban elements such as the flow of a crowd or the rhythm of the cars,
Synapses works on an intuitive transcription of all these common elements in our daily life.


Synapses continue collaborating with Mathilde Viot on audio-visual creation during a residency in
Magasin 4, Brussels. The visual artist works with an overhead projector combining ink and oils, and a
super-8 projector screening coils made by the Liotre collective.
The residency is based on the instant reaction and live improvisation in both musical and visual
languages. They work on the impulsion one can give in its own language by working various reactivity
speeds, elasticity of time and space